Best Gaming Chair For Big Guys

Best Gaming Chair For Big Guys

Gaming is something that doesn’t come with any required set of skills or physical attributes. Anyone can start gaming at any age. Just like that big guys can be into gaming as well. But most of the time they have trouble getting the perfect chair for gaming. Some chairs don’t feel comfortable enough for a better gaming experience.

This is why here we will be talking about the best gaming chair for big guys. These chairs make sure anyone can game with comfort and fun. Doesn’t matter how much tall he is or how much he weighs. Let’s check out the options we gathered around for you.

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Best gaming chair for big guys

While looking for these chairs we kept two things in mind. They should be able to hold enough weight which requires good built quality. And secondly, they should be comfortable and have a lot of space. Let’s take a look at their distinct features.

Anda Seat big and tall

Let’s be clear right away on this one. This is made for the people above 5’9”. Anyone below that can’t even use it. This chair can hold up to 441 pounds of weight on this one. So, sturdy build quality is a sure thing on this one.

Coming to the point of comfort this is an amazing chair. As the chair is large enough to fit a guy around 6’9” you can say there is a lot of spacing on the chair. It comes in three color variants.

The chair itself weighs around 73 pounds due to the over-sized metal bars. The top layer is made of PVC leather which is actually mixed with carbon fiber. From the looks of it you might get the idea that its tear-proof. For the padding, it as got cold foam which might feel like comfortable memory foam at times.

You can almost lie down on this one because the backrest stretches about 160 degrees without any effort. The pillows are extremely comfortable as well.


Very much durable

Extremely comfortable padding

Tear-proof seats

Great stability

Has got a lot of spacing


Can’t adjust the height of neck pillow

Secret lab titan XL

Secret lab is obviously a popular name in gaming chair manufacturing. They come up with the best gaming chair for big guys. Many professional players actually rely on this brand. So, quality on this one is a guaranteed thing here.

Due to the brand name you can be sure of top quality built on this one. It can take up weight of around 400 pounds easily. The whole chair is built with the thought of durability. It will last for years without any problems whatsoever.

The exterior comes with a PU leather. But this isn’t any standard PU leather. It has got rigidity of four times than the standard ones. For the cushioning here you will be getting Secret Lab’s own cold cure foam. The base of the chair is made of aluminum which makes it lighter yet gives strength and stability.

This one has got a much firmer cushion. So, if you are someone who wants their cushion to be a bit firm then this is obviously the choice for you.


  • The aluminum base keeps it lightweight yet strong
  • High-quality PU leather upholstery
  • Backrest goes up to 165 degrees
  • Signature cold foam for comfort


Cushions aren’t very soft or plush

Fantasy Lab big and tall

Usually, gaming chairs don’t come very cheap. Especially the ones that can support big guys. But here we have got a budget-friendly chair for big guys. Sure, there are other cheaper options but they aren’t worth mentioning due to their bad build quality. But this chair by the Fantasy Lab has got some quality in its built along with some other features as well. That too in a limited price tag.

Apart from the price and the built quality this chair comes with a lot of spacing as well. It has got enough room for making movements while being on the chair. This makes the chair a lot more comfortable due to that extra breathing space your body gets.

The pillow you get on this one is quite large. It actually covers almost your entire back. The shape of the chair is actually adjustable. It can be adjusted according to different shapes and body sizes. You can lean back on this one up to 155 degrees. And you will get all of this within a price of $250 which is quite low compared to other brands.


  • Spacious seat
  • Very much comfortable
  • A large cushion for supporting the lower back
  • Affordable
  • Sturdy built quality


Has got a gimmick of pillow massage function

Killabee 8204 Big and tall

Here is another budget friendly option for big guys. This is priced lower than the previous on at $190. Even though the price is low it doesn’t compromise on the quality. It has still got the sturdiness to keep up with big and tall guys.

The back rest on this one is about 33” which can easily support a guy of 6’4”. It can take about 250 to 300 pounds of weight quite easily. The seats on this one is quite deep and easily fits big guys.

It has got a pullout foot rest which makes this one the most unique option in the list. When you lean back around 160 degrees and keep the foot on the pullout rest you will surely feel all the comfort you ask for. You don’t need to get on a bed for resting after gaming for hours.

Apart from all that the cushions are really comfortable. It has got memory foam cushions which ensure top quality comfort on this one.


  • Value for money
  • Has got pullout footrest
  • Comfort with memory foamed cushions
  • Good placement of the pillows


Can’t take too much weight

The armrests aren’t up to the mark


We tried to bring the best gaming chair for big guys out there. Now you don’t have to go through all the trouble of breaking your chair. A tip from our side is to look for durability while buying these chairs. Because they don’t have much going on in your gaming other than comfort.

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